About Maggie...


I believe that words are the most powerful tool in humanity. When perfectly sentenced together, words can educate, help and positively influence readers. The power of words is the reason why I choose journalism.

To me, a journalist is someone who uses this power of words to be a storyteller, a communicator, and a discoverer. As a writer, I want my stories to make a difference and leave impacts on people's lives. What dedicates me to this profession is the fact that stories are everywhere and each of them is worth sharing. As a journalist, I plan on sharing as many of these stories as I can.

I am true Oregonian, born and raised in the city of Portland. My favorite things to do include visiting the Oregon Coast with my family, camping, watching Duck sporting events, traveling, running and writing.  I am dedicated and hardworking, going above and beyond to craft my stories through my experience at The University of Oregon's School of Journalism and Communications.